1960 Ludwig Hollywood Aqua Sparkle Drum Kit

1960 Ludwig Hollywood Aqua Sparkle Drum Kit

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Ludwig “Transition Badge” Hollywood drum kit in original Aqua Sparkle/Blue Glitter. Sizes are 14x20 (2) 8x12, and 16x16. All drums have period correct PlayOn heads top and bottom, minus the bass drum batter.

The drums have various degrees of fading, with the floor tom being the lightest and the left side rack tom being the darkest. Chrome hardware on the floor tom, the rest of the kit has nickel. Bass drum was missing the badge when I got the kit, so I put a period-correct transition badge back on using the original grommet. There is a crack in the batter hoop (doesn’t affect playability) and both hoops have been painted black over the original blue. Some of the blue can be seen on the inside of the hoops.

Badge is loose on the floor tom, and the lugs show starlite pitting. Hoops are chrome over brass and there is a small dent in the top hoop. One rack tom is missing the internal part of the muffler assembly. A Slingerland accessory mount was also added at some point. Majority of tension rods are original.

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