1960s Ludwig Club Date Oyster Black Pearl Drum Kit

1960s Ludwig Club Date Oyster Black Pearl Drum Kit


Ludwig Club Date kit in original Oyster Black Pearl, sizes 14x20, 8x12 ,and 14x14. This is a player’s grade kit through and through.

Wrap has faded, fairly evenly throughout all the drums. There are some cracks in the wrap that go with the pattern of the oyster - I took a few photos as examples. Edges on the drums have some wear but tune up and play well. One area has been filled and sanded. Hardware grade is a C or C+, in general. Some areas of rust in places as well as pitting on the lugs. Bass drum hoops are unoriginal. Mix of original and unoriginal tom hoops and tension rods. Rack tom missing the baseball bat muffler. Area of wrap missing at the seam on the 12” exposing the mahogany underneath. There is also an area on the bottom edge of the wrap on the floor tom which is covered by the head when it’s on. Unoriginal bass drum spurs.

Demo: https://youtu.be/-c8pq3ogtPs

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