1960s Ludwig "Super Classic" Burgundy Sparkle Drum Kit

1960s Ludwig "Super Classic" Burgundy Sparkle Drum Kit


1960s Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle drum kit in Super Classic sizes, 14x22, 9x13, and 16x16. Drums have close serials numbers and were more than likely born together. Wrap has white marks across all the drums - more than likely due to some sort of abrasive cleaning.

  • Three-ply shells with reinforcement rings

  • Unoriginal hoops on the toms

  • Unoriginal tension rods

  • Unoriginal floor tom legs

  • Rack tom was original a “right side” tom and has had the badge flipped to face correctly when mounted to the left

  • Both muffler holes are filled with carriage bolts

  • Bass drum looks to have had some sort of muffling pinned to the inside - you can see some pin tricks in the inner ply

  • Small spots on the rack tom and bass drum wrap touched up with burgundy sparkle nail polish

Demo: https://youtu.be/NP-ApnHuKSw

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