1960s Rogers Tower Red Sparkle Pearl Drum Kit

1960s Rogers Tower Red Sparkle Pearl Drum Kit


Rogers “Tower” outfit in Red Sparkle Pearl:

  • 14x20, 8x12 and 14x14

  • All shells are Cleveland-made with tags

  • Floor tom is rewrapped - not the best rewrap but it works. Has a little seam lifting and isn’t glued completely near the edges

  • Inside of floor tom looks to have had some blue paint, but not everywhere. Tag is there and unaltered

  • Bass drum originally had a W&A consolette — currently has a Swivomatic mount installed over where a Ludwig mount was added. The swivomatic mount is not original.

  • Sta-tite legs and spurs on the bass and kick

  • Unoriginal hoops and tension rods on the toms

  • A little more than half of the inlay is missing off the batter side hoop of the bass drum

  • One unoriginal bass drum leg

  • Some scuffs and scratches on the bass and tom wrap. The bass wrap has some fade and is a little lighter than the toms.

  • Original 60s front bass drum head

Demo: https://youtu.be/Ua-REcPmZD4

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