1971 Ludwig Super Classic Silver Sparkle Drum Kit

1971 Ludwig Super Classic Silver Sparkle Drum Kit


Ludwig Super Classic drum kit in original Silver Sparkle, sizes 14x22, 9x13, and 16x16. No serials on the badges but the two toms but have their paper tags dating them to 1971. Wrap has some fade and a bit of splotchiness on the bass drum, but you can only really tell you if you’re super close. One dent in the top edge of the floor tom which was been filled. All other edges in great shape. There was a tear in the wrap on at the seam on the rack tom near the resonant side lug which has been glued back down.

Unoriginal hoops (bottom has rust and top has dents) on the 13. Both resonant sides of both toms fit a little tight but shouldn’t affect tuning ability. One unoriginal hoop on the bass drum as well. Second cymbal mount added near the first one. 

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