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1970s Gretsch Gold Satin Flame 14x24 10x14 16x18 Drum Kit

1970s Gretsch Stop Sign badge era kit in original Gold Satin Flame, sizes 14x24, 10x14, and 16x18. The wrap has scratches and and rash throughout. Modern heads fit pretty well on this kit

Bass drum - has been drilled in three different places for spurs. Holes have been filled and capped with new satin flame wrap. Spurs and spur mounts are new Gretsch reproductions as well as some of the claws.

Floor Tom - One stick saver hoop, one triple flanged hoop. The edges on this drummer are flatter than the bass drum and rack tom. Tension rods are unoriginal.

Rack Tom - Original die cast hoops. Two holes behind the diamond plate. The four diamond plate holes were enlarged, but the plate covers the holes.

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