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1950s WFL Green Sparkle Drum Kit 13.75x20 8x12 and 16x16

WFL/Ludwig drum kit in original Green Sparkle, sizes 13.75x20, 8x12, and 16x16. The bass drum was originally 18x20 but was cut down to just below 14”. Rail mount and cymbal mount were added. You can see the original lug holes near the edge - all of which have been filled before the edges were recut. Drum sounds excellent. There are mount holes on each side of the drum from original WFL mounts - one side has bolts in it, the other side doesn’t.

The 16x16 is unmodified. It has one original chrome over brass hoop and one modern replacement. The 8x12 is a 70s blue and olive Ludwig. It is also unmodified. Both hoops and all the tension rods are unoriginal.

All drums have various degrees of fading, with the heaviest being on the floor tom. Hardware probably averages out to a B or B-.

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